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Capital Market and Investment

Presently, capital market listed existing brokerage houses are 313 and in the year 2021 BSEC permitted 55 brokerage houses and listed with capital markets. Total number of brokerage houses are 368 listed with capital markets in Bangladesh. (Source: BSEC: & DSE: Moreover, existing investment / merchant banks are 65. In 2021, BSEC permitted IFIC Bank as Investment Bank. (Source: and In 2020 contribution of capital market in GDP is 9.4% and previous year is 13.5%.

Today's dynamic and growing capital markets offer excellent employment opportunities. Besides the Government, organizations and several private companies have entered the capital market of Bangladesh has great prospects to play an important role in the economy. Capital market is vibrant and evolving over time both locally and globally. These have increased the demand of professionally qualified personnel in capital markets. PGDCMI aims at creating professionals who can carve a rewarding and promising career in the capital market in Bangladesh. PGDCMI explores the multifaceted world of capital market reflects on the growing interplay between risk management, capital markets and portfolio management.

Overview of Capital Market and Investment

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